Which of These is Not a Tool That You Would Need at the Incident?

incident management

Which of these is not a tool that you would need at the incident? This is a common question you will face in the workplace and you must know the answer! 

A tool is important to make our life easy and comfortable and in every aspect of life, it will help you to manage an incident very efficiently.

For an incident tool if we have some option given and we have been asked Which of these is not a tool that you would need at the incident? What do you think?

A. Maps of the affected area 

B. Agency Procedures Manual 

C. Exercise Plan 

D. Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

For our question the correct answer is option C. Exercise Plan, Exercise Plan is not a tool that is not required at Incident.

What is a Tool?

When we talk about a tool we must know why a tool is important for us and why we should have a tool for planning and doing any work. A tool is an instrument that provides us an easy way to do work in a lesser time as it is very essential for our life.

When we talk about an incident that happened in business or industry we must consider a tool to save our organization from an unpleasant incident, and also help us to save a lot of time by working in less time so that we use our time in other ways in other aspects of life! So it is good to have a good understanding of some incident management tools and their benefits!

What is incident management?

Incident management is a method in which methods involved in responding to unexpected events or interruptions are referred to as incident management. It is the subset of IT service management and its main purpose is to handle unexpected incidents that happen in an organization. For example,

If there is a computer company experiencing an internet outage at that point we need an incident tool to manage these incidents.

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Benefits of incident management tools

There are some benefits of Incident management tools. We will go through each of them one by one and keep reading!

  1. Increased communication
  2. Quicker response time
  3. Detailed records
  4. Reduced workload

Increased communication  

Incident management tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet give us a smooth way for instant communication between employees and manager, employee to employee but have you ever thought that without this management tool, you can’t manage your daily life and also it will also save a lot of time and it make you feel better to take any decision.

Quicker response time

Incident management tools can help you to reduce work time for example to contact any manager you can directly get in touch with the help of incident tools.

Detailed records

Incident management tools can also help you to  keep all records with details that it typically not possible if we don’t have any tool for that

Reduced workload

One more benefit of Incident management tools is that they reduce workload very much especially for a writer as we know we have a chart GPT-like AI Tool that helps writers so much to get a quick overview of keywords and it reduces so much work load that makes an organization more beneficial.

10 Incident management tools:

As we already discussed, incident management tools are a very important part of running an organization and for that, there are some software and tools to manage an incident.

  1. Resolver
  2. Freshservice
  3. Splunk Enterprise
  4. PagerDuty
  5. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
  6. OpsGenie
  7. JIRA Service Management
  8. iAuditor
  9. Slack
  10. xMatters


The incident management tool is news when a company when something unpleasant happens in a company and at that point this tool helps an organization to bring itself again to the platform where it belongs, in our question Which of these is not a tool that you would need at the incident, option C. Exercise Plan will be a right answer because it is not an incident tool

FAQs related to Which of these is not a tool that you would need at the incident?

We hope we can make you understand the incident tool, what is a tool, its benefits, and why an Exercise Plan is not an incident management tool.

Which incident management tool is used?

Popular incident management platforms, such as Jira Service Management, include collaboration options for team members to communicate in real-time. These technologies make it easier to collaborate, manage problems, and respond to crises quickly.

What is an important feature of emergency operation plans?

An important characteristic of emergency operation plans is their ability to be tailored to the specific demands of the company or neighborhood that they serve. One of the most critical parts of an EOP is determining who has the overall accountability for managing the situation on the scene.

What is the most critical component of the emergency action plan?

Employees are involved in the planning process for the finest emergency action plans, which outline what employees should do during an emergency and guarantee that staff receive sufficient emergency training.

Which tool is used for incident detection?

IPS and IDS are tools used for incident detection.