Which Partner is Often the First to Arrive and Last to Leave the Incident Site of a Disaster?

incident site of a disaster

A question often arises when a disaster happens at a site. Which partner is often the first to arrive and last to leave the incident site of a disaster? This question can be answered in different ways accounting for the condition we have, like if we have given the options,

A. Federal government

B. Local government

C. State government

D. Private sector

The correct answer is B. Local government for our question: Which partner is often the first to arrive and last to leave the incident site of a disaster?4

It is the local government’s responsibility to come ahead of any disaster incident, the local government has a vast responsibility to manage day-to-day incidents happening in the local area.

Who is Local government:

  • Local police.
  • Fire
  • Emergency and medical service
  • Public health and medical provider
  • Emergency management 
  • Public work
  • Environmental response professionals

These are the locals that are responsible for the local area generally when something disaster happens in any site. Their priority work is to detect and respond at the right time and they are often the first to arrive and last to leave the incident site.

Do you still have some confusion? Let’s clear it but before that, there are some important terms you should know about. We will discuss each of them one by one.

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What is a incident?  

An incident is defined as an occurrence that disrupts the usual operation of a system, service, or process that may result in damage or damage to people, property, or the environment. When such incidents happen at any site, organization a local government overcome this situation and handle it they are the ones who are often the first to arrive and last to leave the incident.

What is incident management?

 The process of managing and responding to incidents using structures and best practices such as the National Incident Management System (NIMS) or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is known as incident management.

Who is referred to as a partner?

a person who is involved with another or others as a principal or provider of capital in a business or joint venture, frequently sharing the risks and benefits. You can call it a partner. Also, a Partner is one who helps in a disaster incident at any site.


The partner that often arrives and leaves the incident site is a local government and The National Response Framework (NRF), which is a handbook that defines how the nation responds to all types of disasters and emergencies, is related to the question of which partner is often the first to arrive and the last to leave the incident site of a disaster.

FAQs related to Which partner is often the first to arrive and last to leave the incident site of a disaster? :

Here are some faq related to our question: continue reading to get more knowledge!

What role do nongovernmental organizations play in emergency planning?

Volunteer and nongovernmental organizations activate their response plans and mobilize their networks to give requested support via emergency management frameworks. These groups give vital capabilities and resources to the response by integrating themselves into the response structures.

What is the role of NGOs during disasters?

The NGO’s reaction included emergency food relief, temporary shelter, emergency medical help, debris removal and habitat restoration, trauma therapy, and family raising.

What is the role of NDRF in disaster management?

The NDRF provides well-trained and organized people for disaster response activities in India. The NDRF is responsible for all rescue and relief actions during natural and man-made disasters.